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What is Potty Training Live?

Jude and Di are delighted to be back running another summer of potty training. Last year we helped over 800 families by offering expert advice at each stage. This year we have some great competitions planned and will be sharing the experiences of Jenni Falconer and other mums that have agreed to be in the spotlight while potty training their children.

Each week we will guide you through the stages of potty training:

WEEK 1 Getting Ready – click to read
WEEK 2 Going for It – click to read
WEEK 3 Keeping Going & Troubleshooting – click to read
WEEK 4 You Did It! – click to read

Signs of Readiness

It can often be tricky to know the right time to start potty training. These are some of the signs you should be looking for:

  • Is your child around the age of 2?
  • Can they get to the potty or toilet and take down their trousers?
  • Can they follow simple instructions?

Watch our short video to help you assess if your child is ready to start potty training.

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