ERIC, the Children’s continence charity, have a calculation for bladder capacity on their website that states the average bladder capacity of a child can be calculated by multiplying the child’s age by 30 and then adding on 30.  The result is the average full bladder capacity in millilitres.

So the average bladder capacity at different ages is as follows:

  • 2 year old = 90ml
  • 3 year old = 120ml
  • 4 year old = 150 ml

average bladder capacity
The Dry Like Me Early Days pads are intended for the initial stages of potty training around the age of 2. These are more absorbent than our original product and tests carried out by our manufacturer show they hold up to 180ml.

This protects the child from larger accidents and when the pad is wet it will bulk up considerably to send a clear sign that the child has done a wee. It is intended that the child feels uncomfortable and alerts the parent straight away to change the pad. This gives the adult to chance to talk through the toileting routine and encourages the child to become aware of the signals of having a full bladder.

Once the child is using a potty regularly they should be ready for the original, less absorbent Dry Like Me pad. At this stage, the pad is used to catch smaller accidents when the child doesn’t quite make it to the toilet in time.

Consequently, the original pads as well as being less absorbent are also slightly thinner with a more cotton feel to mimic the feel of pants. Dry Like Me original will hold approx. 90ml, which is over two thirds of the full capacity of a three year old.

Dry Like Me Night Time has the similar capacity to an Early Days pad, and will hold approx. 180ml. This exceeds the bladder capacity of an average four year old but we do however recommend using the night time pads in conjunction with bed mats as children can wriggle around.

In all cases, the pad will work hard to take the majority of the accident and so the clean up should be far less stressful than if the child was wearing pants alone. Remember accidents are a part of potty training, and Dry Like Me pads are not intended to do the job of a nappy – that wouldn’t help you potty train your child at all!