In this post, we have the privilege of featuring a guest blog from Regina who blogs over at Kracken Kissed.

Regina got in touch when we asked bloggers who wanted to start potty training to contact us.

We started reading about her family and soon realised that Regina was going to be potty training to a deadline.

Not the usual starting nursery or school, but actually trying to potty train before she traveled to South Pacific in a sailboat!

It sounded like an incredible aventure – we wanted to know more, and luckily Regina agreed to tell us!

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Potty training with a deadline Part 1

Can Anna finish her potty training before we leave to sail the South Pacific?

By Regina Steed-Ford


“Please Anna.”


“But let’s just TRY to use the potty.”

“NO! Diaper!”

My name is Regina. I’m a mother of 3 lovely daughters, currently aged 17, 15 and 3. It has been a blessing and a curse having such a large gap between the older two and the youngest. On one hand, I have kids old enough to help out with the little one. On the other hand it’s like starting all over again.


I don’t remember how I did a lot of the little things with the older two, I never thought I was going to be doing it again. Potty training is definitely one of those things! I remember the other two being in diapers, and NOT being in diapers, but don’t really remember what I did to encourage the change.

In addition, we have some extra challenges this time.

Let me back up and explain.

My family and I live on a sailboat. May, 2015, we were offered the opportunity to come to Central America to meet up with my father-in-law, to put our sailboat (and home) into storage, and help him sail his boat around the world.

While we were preparing to head to Central America, I got Anna a potty chair and started working on her potty training. I knew we had plenty of time, and that she might not be fully ready yet, but I wanted to get a head start before we set off on our adventures.

KrakenKissed.drylikeme0003It was slow going. She didn’t really like to use the little potty, and I was having a hard time really focusing on the potty training with us getting ready for the trip we were going to be taking south.

By the time we left Key West, Florida, (where we were living at the time) in October, we hadn’t made much progress. She had peed in the potty a few times, but mostly refused to get near it. I submitted to her refusal, knowing that a little potty on a sailboat while underway was just asking for trouble anyway. The last thing I wanted was either her sitting on it, and getting hit by a wave and flying off, or a used potty that I hadn’t cleaned up yet flying across the room.

The first leg of the trip, was supposed to be about 8-14 days. A long trip, but not the longest any of us had taken, including Anna. By the end of the 14 days, we had shipwrecked in Mexico and (unbeknownst to us at the time) lost almost everything we owned.

None of this changed the fact that Anna needed to be potty trained, it only delayed it.

It’s been 8 months since we shipwrecked and lost everything. We are currently in Honduras, Central America. (Actually if you want to look it up, we’re on an island called Roatan. Beautiful island, you should visit.) We’re waiting out hurricane season, then we will be sailing to Panama, through the Panama Canal and on to the South Pacific!


Now, with the help and advice of Dry Like Me, we’re finally going to tackle this potty training thing. Then, when we leave for the big trip, Anna will be ready to face the South Pacific (and the world) as a little girl who uses the potty.

Time is running out, but we have faith!

Find out if Regina managed to get her little girl out of nappies.


Regina and her family are on a 3-5 year sail-around-the-world adventure with both teens and a toddler. She is producing an on-going documentary series about the adventures, as well as helping encourage other women to discover what they love and go after it, no matter how big or small. Follow her journey and the documentary at