Spotting the signs of readiness

Is your little one ready to start potty training?

Not sure?

Well watch our video to help spot the signs of readiness.

Make an assessment – is your little one ready?


  • Look for any patterns in when they have wet nappies, which will help predict when you will need to prompt them to go to the toilet.
  • Ideally, you want to see some dry nappies and longer periods between wees as this indicates that they are starting to gain some bladder control.
Spot the physical signs of readiness


  • Age – Is your child around the age of 2.
  • Physical independence – can they climb the stairs to the bathroom, take their trousers down?
  • If your child is ill it is a good idea to delay potty training until they are better and able to focus on the task.
Are their communication skills ready?


  • Can they follow simple instructions e.g. can you wash your hands?
  • Can they make simple requests e.g. ask for a drink?
  • Do they show signs that they know they are going to do a wee or poo in their nappy?