Jenni Falconer’s Potty Training Blog, in association with Dry Like Me

jenniTV presenter and mum Jenni Falconer, teamed up with Dry Like Me in 2013, to pen an exclusive Potty Training Blog. Jenni, her husband James and their two year old daughter Ella took the plunge and embarked on a very public potty training.

Read Jenni’s blogs again this year. Her honest insight really brings potty training to life through the eyes of a busy working celebrity Mum, following the highs and lows of an eventful, humorous, and sometimes stressful episode for parents and children alike.

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Mum In Translation’s Blog

MITHeading into the seemingly scary world of life beyond the nappy, Mum In Translation is sharing her experiences with us as she attempts to potty train her little boy as part of Potty Training Live! 2014. Why is she a mum in translation? Well as a busy mum of two boys, she is bringing them up abroad so has the extra fun of being lost in translation in more ways than one! Read about MIT >

Keep up with her progress throughout the 4 weeks of the programme by following her blog here.

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