Jude and Di Love

When we discovered Doddl cutlery, we were instantly impressed with the idea of more functional cutlery for children.

Like our own products and many more in the children and baby industry, Doddl cutlery is the brainchild of two busy Mums who run their business around nappy changes, school pickups and all of the other challenges us parents face.

doddl cutleryTheir idea for Doddl cutlery has short ergonomically designed handles that make controlling cutlery easier, designed to make it easier for children to feed themselves successfully. The idea encourages development of the pincer grip, needed for learning to draw and write, allowing the child to develop skills and make the successful transition to adult cutlery.

We tried them out with our 21 month old tester and have to say, they are great!

Where normal children’s cutlery is either made of light plastic and therefore easily falls from the hand, or too small and more difficult to handle, Doddl wasn’t dropped once.

They are just the right size for little hands but still easy to manage for bigger ones like us, and the weight gives a great quality finish that feels designed to last.

We love products that take things we do on an everyday basis, apply innovation and come up with something that not only looks good, but also that makes life just that little bit easier.

Well done, Doddl!

children's cutlery
children's cutlery children's cutlery