Jude and Di LoveEven though it feels like an eternity since we had our babies, one thing we couldn’t really forget is the feeling of nausea that seems to last forever.

Whether you had it yourself, or know someone who has had a tough time with morning sickness, you’ll know that all too familiar feeling of not wanting to eat in fear of throwing up, but also knowing that you must eat to keep your strength up and also keep passing on nutrition to your baby.

You’ll also know the importance of only taking ‘safe’ remedies whilst pregnant.

So we’re sure that if you haven’t already heard of Myrtle and Maude, your ears are probably going to prick up about now!

Myrtle and Maud

Myrtle and Maud

Myrtle and Maude was born out of an upbringing of fresh produce combined with a background of nursing, and demand for anti-sickness remedies whilst sailing. Put that all together and out pops natural remedies to cure travel nausea, which then developed into helping with pregnancy sickness.

We recently received a ‘Mumma-To-Be Pregnancy Settling Pack’ and think that if you’re suffering with sickness during pregnancy, it is well worth a look.

Packed with the best natural ingredients and carefully selected by elite herbalists, this pack helps to provide an overall soothing and comforting way to ease the feelings of nausea.

Including tea, wristbands and bon bons, it might just be the thing to help you enjoy your pregnancy journey out of the bathroom!

You can buy Myrtle and Maude on the online shop.