Welcome to our Mum In Translation’s (MIT)  potty training blog

Heading into the seemingly scary world of life beyond the nappy, Mum In Translation is sharing her experiences with us as she attempts to potty train her little boy as part of Potty Training Live! 2014. Why is she a mum in translation? Well as a busy mum of two boys, she is bringing them up abroad so has the extra fun of being lost in translation in more ways than one!

Keep up with her progress throughout the 4 weeks of the programme by following her blog here.

Pre potty training

Lewis turned 2 years old about 3 weeks ago, and for as long as he has seen his big bro on the loo, he’s been interested in doing it too. He’s had a potty in the loo and a toilet seat downstairs for about 4 months but other than the occasional try I’ve not really encouraged it. If I am honest, I haven’t mentally prepared myself until now!

So I’ve decided to go for it. The summer holidays are approaching fast and I’ve been busy travelling recently, so I want to have a go whilst we are having a normal week (school runs and 2 days at nursery, but the rest of time at home with me). The weather is nice too so less clothes to wash.

My potty training kit consists of 2 big packs of exciting ‘big boy’ pants, extra wipes, and very cheap loose shorts and trews that I can whip on and off, an old potty, and Dry Like Me Early Days pads.  We’ve also put up a wall chart we downloaded from Kiddy Charts and put potty and pants in both toilets ready to go! Exciting…

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