It’s time to go for it!

This week we are going to take the nappy off and start potty training in earnest! It is important to remember all the good foundation that have been put in place over the last week, such as following a good routine.

The golden rule for this week is to take the nappy off and do not be tempted to put it back on. It can confuse your child when they are just starting out, and it can also make them believe that they have a choice.

If the leap is too great, use Dry Like Me pads to help to capture the mess and remove the temptation to put the nappy back on.

Toilet training is all about learning to hold on, and to listen to the body’s signals.  It’s not an easy skill to master though and can be stressful for children too.

Also, be prepared for accidents! Accidents are a key part of learning, your child may not have felt the difference between wet and dry in their nappy. The only way they can learn is through trial and error, which will mean lots of accidents in the early days.

Lots of praise and rewards in the early stages are essential, and will help teach your child to learn the right toilet training behaviours. Try not to get frustrated, if they don’t appear to be succeeding, focus praise on effort in trying and the parts of potty training that are going well, such as washing hands. Aim your frustration at the naughty wee or poo, and get your child to join in. It will help re assert what is expected next time, and that they are not to blame.

We recommend using instant rewards that are small and inexpensive for maximum impact to help to motivate your child. You can also check out our other potty training reward ideas on our Pinterest board!

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Remember that at this stage you are only taking the nappy off in the day, night time potty training comes later.

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This week’s activities

Remove the nappy
  • Make a big fuss of ditching the nappies with your child, and picking their own grown up pants – make it a special ‘’bye bye nappy day!’’
  • Don’t be tempted to put it back on in the daytime.

Expect accidents
  • Using our assessment chart pre-empt the times when your child is more likely to do a wee.
  • Try not to react negatively to accidents but make sure your child knows that next time they should try to get to the toilet or potty.
  • Remember: Every accident is a step closer to mastering potty training!

Be prepared
  • Dress your child in clothes that are easy for them to pull on and off.
  • Make sure you have lots of spare clothes and pants handy.

Introduce ‘toilet time’?
  • This is a new activity that will become part of their daily routine. It is not an optional activity, but an important daily task like brushing your teeth.

Keep reinforcing the routine
  • Last week we discussed a good routine, so be consistent and follow this routine every day.

Use rewards
  • Set up a reward chart and start with small achievable targets. For ideas on using reward charts, look out for our blogs later this week.
  • Check out our other potty training reward ideas on our Pinterest board.

Let you child get involved
  • Help with clothing
  • Wash hands

Make it exciting
  • Talk positively about potty training and the freedom of not wearing nappies
  • Don’t place them under any pressure

potty training star


Good luck, and keep calm, it’s only potty training!