week 2

Last week we started to look at spotting the signs of readiness with your child as part of preparing to potty train. This week we go into more details at really understanding if now is the best time for you and your child to start.

Catching them at the right time can make it easier for you and your child. There is good reason to suggest that the optimum time is around the age of two and that training later or earlier can significantly extend the time it takes. In addition a child’s bladder is also starting to mature at around this age and toilet training itself helps to teach the bladder to develop and hold on.

The question we are asked most by parents is “How do I know if my child is ready?”. You don’t need to tick all the boxes, so look for the general signs, and good engagement in the routine. It might be as good to ask if you are ready too as potty training does require you to teach your child how to do it. That takes effort, but you will reap the benefits of investing time in the early stages.

There is no magic cure that requires no intervention from mum and dad! Don’t be tempted to put it off, delaying when your child is showing some interest can make it much harder later on, as they will have learned to keep on using the nappy, or just lost interest.

Download our FREE assessment chart and over the next week, try to keep track of when your child is going to the toilet. You can assess if they are doing fewer, larger wees and at regular times. This will help predict when they are likely to need to go. In the early days you can help prompt them at the right time and manage the likelihood of accidents.

This time next week you will be taking the nappy off!

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This week’s activities

Track your child’s toilet habits Download our FREE potty training assessment chart and keep track of your little one.
Ask your child…
  • Can you find the potty or bathroom?
  • Can you wash your own hands?
  • Can you get yourself dressed?
  • Can you sit on the potty or toilet by yourself?

Are you ready to start potty training?

Sometimes parents put potty training off because they themselves are actually not ready to start. Is the environment right for potty training? The process of getting out of nappies requires a stable environment, so it is best to avoid major events such as starting school or nursery, moving house, expecting or having had a new baby, during a divorce or separation. You also need to ensure that you have time to focus on potty training, so plan around holiday time, consistent childcare, or just days at home.